лапароскопия паховой грыжи


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Mistress noticed my interest in lingeri and women's dresses and offered to try on
I nodded back - Lady, buy me this lingeri. I have long dreamed of dressing like a girl.
Will you help me choose outfits? - I asked the lady.
But you have to take a sissy sluts course at my guest house in return.
The Mistress answered.
I was delighted and gave little meaning to the meaning of her words.
In the beginning, the Lady destroyed all of my men's underpants, socks and trousers.
Then she said that I should always wear women's outfits and act like a girl.
Then she began to dress me up in different outfits, take pictures and send all of her friends my photos.
And the moment came when her friends began to come to the Lady to get to know me better.





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